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Illumination Educational Software has developed a regularly updated online resource called Gene Journey and also runs debates and workshops.

A debate between Mosslands High School in the UK with Egbert Weisheit, a science teacher in Germany and Anand Vidya Vihar School in India.
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Gene Journey engages learners in the debate on how genetics and biotechnology should impact on all our lives now and in the future.

The resource includes voting software, videos, animations and interactive quizzes.

A free 14 day trial of Gene Journey is available.

International workshop at the Association of Science Education (ASE) 2012 conference

We would like to thank Egbert Weisheit, Xavier Juan, Swati Muley, Poornima Menon and students from Anand Vidya Vihar school in India for participating in a debate about the use of human embryonic stem cells. The debate took place using Voters' Views and Skype for a workshop at the ASE conference on Friday 6th of January 2012.

Voters' Views gets students around the world debating

Steve Edwards used Voters' Views and Skype for his class to debate with students in India - see feedback.
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An exciting new development in Gene Journey is Voters' Views. We are proud to be featured in the June 2011 edition of the journal of the Association of Science Education Education in Science.